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We Are A Society Of Carers

With more 4 million of unwaged carers, the Australian society has a lot of individuals dedicated to helping a relative or friend with disabilities. They provide physical assistance and emotional support, as well. Even doctors believe that a person’s health improves with the love and support of a compassionate carer.

Caring is a rewarding experience for most, but it can get physically and emotionally demanding. Therefore, recognising the efforts of carers and providing support to them is essential. Our work is to help carers get the required financial, medical, and general assistance. We work with health care professionals, community leaders, social workers, and volunteers to provide aid and acknowledgment to carers. They are our resources to further our agenda to give a better life to caregivers across Australia. We are a nation of carers, and its time, we the people give back to them, comfort them, and support them to show that they are loved and they need to be taken care of as well. They need our help. Many carers don’t even think they need support as they always are in the role of the provider. That is why it is much more essential to help them and show them they deserve to be looked after too.

Why Carers Need Help?
Young Carers Miss Out

Young carers miss out on schoolwork, friendships, and social interaction. Many have to create a balance between the outside world and their life as a caregiver. It’s hard for young carers to cope with the demands of their home and compete for opportunities as well. Hence, they require special attention to have a pleasant environment where they can blossom and grow up to have a stable future.

Financial Difficulty

Most carers are unpaid, and there can be a drop in the household income with a member requiring full-time care and a working member has to leave their job. It’s hard to have a full-time paid job along with the responsibilities of taking care of a disabled loved one. Many are forced to leave their work as the workplaces are not care aware.

Social Seclusion

It is common for carers to feel left out and isolated. The constant support they have to extend makes it hard to keep social commitments. They feel drained emotionally and physically. It is not unusual for carers to get depressed. It is essential to pay attention to their physical and mental health as well. It can make a lot of difference if carers have someone to talk and listen.

Reduced Employment Opportunities

Employers can be sympathetic; however, most avoid hiring a carer. It happens because carers can have a difficult time maintaining a work-life balance. Therefore, our companies and business need to be all-inclusive and be care aware. They need to offer jobs to carers and allow them to leverage. Workplaces that are care aware are the need of the hour. They can help save the lives of many.

Want to support Carers?
Carers across Sydney need your approval, acknowledgment and support. All that is required is an initiative from your end. You can help us either by making a donation or volunteering for assistance.

Our Group Of Volunteers

Josh Smith
He is our top volunteer. Josh is a student and makes friends quickly. He has a cheerful disposition and takes on volunteer work to help carers in Sydney. He was a young carer until this father passed away. Now he helps others with his knowledge and soft manners.
Caitlyn Williams
After her mother passed away due to cancer, Caitlyn wanted to assist others suffering from a terminal illness. Therefore, she joined our initiative as a volunteer. She is passionate about taking the load of carers. Also, she is capable of handling complex situations and remains calms.
George Roberts
He is a health care professional by the day and a volunteer by night. George has good knowledge of medicine and helps carers by offering insights and takes a look at patients for free as well. He conducts sessions and meeting to assist and enlighten carers. His wisdom is useful to many.
Shanon Lee
Shannon is a mother of two grown-up sons. She lost her beloved husband last years. Since she has dedicated her life to caring for others and is happy to assist anyone anytime. She likes to interact with people. She is polite and warm. Her motherly touch can soothe anyone.

Participate in Upcoming Events

Carer Awareness Session
September 9, 2019, at North Ryde, NSW
Young Carer Conference
August 27, 2019, @9:00 am at Gold Coast
10th National Carers Meeting
September 2, 2019, @12:00 at Adelaide, SA
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