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Take a look at our resources and how we provide care to carers in Sydney.

 At FESTofALL, we are working for the betterment of carers in Sydney since 2001. Creating awareness, recognition, and opportunities for carers is not easy, but our organisation succeeded due to the support of our resources. They keep us strong and stable to help more & more carers every day.

Over the years, our organisation has conducted loads of events and raised funds with the help of our reliable resources. They have helped us take care if carers who are socially isolated and in need of emotional, physical and financial support. To know more about our resources, read on.

Our Staff
The FESTofALL staff has compassionate, caring, and hardworking individuals who do their best to help carers in Sydney. Our team is the backbone of the organisation.
Our Sponsors
We have a variety of sponsors who are interested in charity and make donations that are used for the welfare of carers and their wards. Majority of our sponsors are small businesses.
Our Volunteers
We are blessed to be working in a community that volunteers to assist carers and help them enjoy life. We have volunteers from every region, race, ethnicity, and religion.
We frequently tie-up with NGOs to help us conduct sessions, workshops, and fundraised for specific causes and campaigns. They help us reach carers in different parts of Sydney.
Health Care Professionals
Various health care professionals such as physicians, therapists, nurses, dentists, surgeons etc. help us provide aid to carers and their wards in Sydney.
Schools & Medical Institutes
Schools and medical institutes across Sydney facilitate young carers and help us generate more awareness about young and elderly carers. They run campaigns for us.
We are empowered by all our resources and since inception; we have helped over 50,000 carers in Sydney.
They have supported us to conduct a variety of conferences, meetings, fundraisers, sessions, and charity events. What’s more, they are our backbone and support all our endeavours.
It is because of our resources we can run successful campaigns and programs for speciation, acknowledgement, and support of carers and their wards. Without the unwavering support of our resources, our organisation would not have survived and cared for so many carers in Sydney.

Participate in Upcoming Events

Carer Awareness Session
September 9 2019 at North Ryde, NSW
Young Carer Conference
August 27 2019 @9:00 am at Gold Coast
10th National Carers Meeting
September 2 @12:00 at Adelaide, SA

See How Our Resources Have Helped

Increase in Carer Recognition
More & more carers in Sydney are being identified for their contribution.
Happier Carers
This achievement is significant. Carers associated with us are happier now.
Reduction in Carer Stress
Through feedback, loads of carers have let us know how they are stress-free.
Drop in Carer Financial Woes
Our resources have helped us raise awareness and money for carers.
Happier Volunteers
Not only the carers, but the volunteers associated with our company are also happier.
Increase in Opportunity for Carers
Our initiatives have helped create employment & future opportunities for carers.

Our Partners

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Support for Carers NSW Gov
End of Lease Cleaning Canberra
Family & Community Service NSW
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