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Are You A Young Carer?

Timothy Jones In Sydney, there are over 10-12% carers who are younger than 25 years of age. They either take care of a parent or a sibling. A lot of them don't identify as carers. Some don't know carer is a term used for them. Therefore, the need to make young carers aware is paramount.

FESTofALL Celebrates 19 Years

Josh Smith On June 13th 2019, FESTofALL celebrated its annual day. For almost two decades, our company is offering assistance to carers in Sydney and working towards generating care awareness. The annual day was celebrated in our office with a party among our staff and regular volunteers. Everyone rejoiced for completing another year of helping carers.

Attend Young Carers Conference At Gold Coast

Shannon Lee FESTofALL is organising a conference specifically for the young carers in our community. This event aims to help young carers understand their strengths. It assists them in achieving work-life balance and providing opportunities for the betterment of their futures. The conference is two-days long and will be held between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

How To Be A Good Volunteer?

Josh Smith Volunteering is a serious commitment. A volunteer needs to understand the responsibilities of helping with events or projects for carers or their wards. Being a volunteer is not easy, and it requires your full attention. In addition, a volunteer must remain calm and patient at all time.

Picnic Excursion By FESTofALL A Huge Success

Shannon Lee FESTofALL recently took a group of carers and their wards for a picnic in Bradfield Park. The event was a huge success as everyone enjoyed the day out. It provided respite to the carers and a chance for their wards to have social interaction. Our volunteers enjoyed as well and helped in making this event a success.

Know More About The Laws For Carers

Garret Donald The government has laws that empower a carer and keep their interest in mind. These provisions help raise awareness and recognition of carers in Sydney. The act recognises the contribution of carers who assist their wards around the clock. Hough this act, the government helps conduct fundraisers and provide the money for the betterment of carer lives.

Upcoming Event: Carer Awareness Session

Dolly Menon A carer awareness session will be conducted on September 9th, 2019, in our office in Sydney. Our founder John Milan will speak on the need for care awareness and the challenges many carers face. During the session, the social and economic conditions of carers in Sydney will be discussed. He will also illustrate why carers need our help.

2019 Witnesses The Most Care Awareness Campaigns Ever!

Dolly Menon Half of 2019 is up, and it was an excellent half for carers, volunteers, and organisations like us. With more and more people getting aware, donating, and volunteers, Sydney recorded the most number of care awareness campaigns in history. This positive change has led to more carer recognition, appreciate, and upliftment.

Donate For A Noble Cause

Josh Smith Carers in Sydney need our help. We can aid them by extending emotional, physical or financial support. If you are unable to offer emotional or physical support, you can contribute to the cause by donating a certain amount. Every dollar counts. Therefore, you can donate according to your budget. Your contribution can change someone's life.

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