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Our methods for helping carers in Sydney are as follows.

Organise Events

FESTofALL in involved in hosting a variety of events such as fundraisers, conferences, meetings, sessions, seminars etc. these events are conducted for the betterment of carers. Carers benefit from these events. They feel included, which is essential as carers are at risk of social isolation. Our events are organised and managed by our staff and volunteers. Our sponsors also conduct activities where we assist.

Ask For Donations

We run donation programs to raise money for the sustainable growth of carers in Sydney. Our donation campaigns are promoted online via social media, and we conduct fundraisers as well. Our fundraising events are aimed to generate generous donations. The money we collect through donations is utilised for creating care awareness and uplifting the lives of carers and their wards.

Run Volunteer Programs

People in our community are generous enough to volunteer for programs and campaigns. They enable us to run a variety of volunteer programs as well. With their assistance, we help thousands of carers and their wards in Sydney. These volunteers come from different races, religions, and ethnicity. We enrol all our volunteers after a stringent registration and verification process.

Collaborate With Carers

To help carers and provide them with our services, we need to work with them. Many carers have a full-time job and take care of their wards. Others care 24/7. Most of the carers we work with are young and less than 24 years of age. They need our assistance as it’s easier for young carers to be socially reclusive and miss out in opportunities in the outside world.

Work With Companies

We work with small companies and large organisation to create workplace awareness about carers. We illustrate the need for companies to have a care aware environment and support employees who are carers. Many times carers lose jobs or don’t have opportunities to work because they care for a disabled person. Therefore, we ask companies to be supportive and be carer sensitive.

Involve Sponsors

We need sponsors for running our carer initiatives, campaigns, events, and programs. Therefore, we work with NGOs, corporates, government bodies, etc., to help us care for our carers. We name and promote our sponsors during promotions to highlight their contribution. Our sponsors are involved in every step of our initiatives, and we ensure they feel included. Also, we invite our sponsors to all our events.

Collaborate with Health Care Professionals

To provide professional assistance to carers in Sydney, we collaborate with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, psychologists, surgeons, and other professionals. They aid us in caring for carers and the patients. We want to keep our carers physically and emotionally healthy. They need care as well. Carers are thankful for all the professional healthcare assistance they can get.

Care for Carers

Our primary goal is to care for carers. We run a host of programs and campaigns to provide emotional, physical, and financial help to carers in Sydney. With the help of our staff and volunteers, we help them interact more with society and assist them in caring for their wards. In addition, we get companies to provide opportunities for them as well.

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